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The '''University of the State of New York''' ('''USNY''', ) is the state of New York|New York's governmental umbrella organization for both public and private institutions, in New York State. The "university" is not an educational institution: it is, in fact, a licensing and school accreditation|accreditation body that sets standards for schools operating in New York State, from pre-kindergarten through professional and graduate school, as well as for the practice of a wide variety of professions. It is a synonym for the New York State Board of Regents. It should not be, though often is, confused with the State University of New York.
AboveUniversity of the
State of New York
Below''As explained in the text, USNY is not a "bricks and mortar" school, but an accrediting and chartering body. However, from 1971 through 1998, USNY did directly confer degrees via its Regents external degree program.''

*This is the motto of the State of New York, which appears on the University Seal
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